The Faylinn Collection

~ Come with me to Faeryland, Where Elvish Queens and Holly Kings gather Stardust on their wings, they dance and play in faery rings with silver wands and magic things – and just before the dawn it seems they follow moonbeams through your dreams ~

Poem by Jules d’An

As you’ve probably seen, I’m having a massive design spurt at the moment, I have so many ideas I don’t seem to be able to keep up with the knitting.

One thing I knew though was that I wanted to design a collection inspired by Woodland Folk and Fairy Tales, so I’ve started pulling together the Faylinn Collections.

Picture by Molly Harrison

The Faylinn Collection

Faylinn is Celtic for “Fairy World” – and thus I thought it was the perfect name for my new collection of quirky, magical designs.  Think gorgeous colours with a sprinkling of sparkle and lace.

Test Knit Patterns

The following patterns are currently looking for test knitters – if you would like to test knit for me, please comment below and I will email you 🙂

Rosina – Stripey wrist warmers with a hint of lace, perfect for Spring/Summer


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