This is where my projects sit before they become works in progress.  I’m yet to decide which order I am going to knit them in but I want need have would like to make them ALL!!!

(it’s a VERY long list so I think it is going to take me a VERY long time)

You can view all project details and pattern availability by visiting my Queue page on Ravelry.  The queue is likely to change with out prior warning however and may not always resemble the list below.


  1. Stripey Hat
  2. Elf Clobber Wristlets
  3. Ekaterin Slouch Hat
  4. Capucine Hat
  5. Pinwheel Beret
  6. Purl Beret
  7. Nalu Mitts
  8. Hive Hat
  9. Quant Headband
  10. Mosey Leg Warmers
  11. Catching Butterflies Fingerless Gloves
  12. Cabled Jumper
  13. Bandan Cowl
  14. Union Jack Cushion
  15. Central Park Hoodie
  16. Owls Jumper
  17. Folded Brim Fox Hat
  18. Sydney the Koala Bear Hat
  19. Garden View Shawlette
  20. Livingstone Cardigan
  21. Cabled Slipover
  22. Arleen Jumper
  23. Wild Blue Horses Mittens
  24. Woolly Owl Hat
  25. Swallowtail Shawl
  26. Hooty Owl Hat
  27. Drop Stitch Scarf
  28. Talia Sleevless Cardigan
  29. Strawberry Fingerless Mitts
  30. Mermaid Gloves
  31. Hanami Stole
  32. Ice Queen Cowl
  33. Beauty in Ashes Lae Wrap
  34. Knitted Heat/Ice Pack
  35. Little Things Hat
  36. V-Neck Sweater Dress
  37. Rib and Stripes Hat
  38. Double Knit Headband
  39. Criss-Cross Gloves
  40. Esker Scarf
  41. Multnomah Shawl
  42. Star Crossed Slouchy Beret
  43. Ethereal Triangula Shawl
  44. Love and Liquer Socks
  45. Stripe Tease Socks
  46. Vertizontal Socks
  47. I’m Glad It’s Plaid Hat
  48. Traveller’s Hat
  49. Fantastic Mr Fox Hat
  50. Favourite Hoodie
  51. Wasabi Jumper
  52. English Rib Jumper
  53. White Jumper
  54. Birch Shawl

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