Links and Things I Like

Thompson Boutique Critters

This is my friend Liz’s blog! You’ll see she comments on mine a lot.  She crochets the most amazing animals from dragons to snails to peacocks to monkeys.  All sorts!  Her blog is fairly new so please keep checking back as she adds more pictures – LIZ ADD MORE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!

I added the picture of the snail on to the end of her banner so that you can see what she makes.

Knitting Fool

Do you wish there was a website where you could just type in yarn weight, needle size and your size and it would design  sweater for you, or that every knitting stitch under the sun was listed out for you to see and knit?  Oh wait, there is one!! It’s knitting!


A brilliant way to explore the web by searching for a specific category.  You type in what you want to read about and click on stumble and it takes you to random, relevant blogs!


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