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I need test knitters, and Ravelry is proving relatively unfruitful, and as you were all so good last time I asked, I thought I’d ask again. 🙂

I would really like someone to do a final, final, final check of my Hearty Beret:

Zusana's Hearty Beret

And I would like another test knitter to have a run through of my Ocean Beret Pattern:

Carughooker's Ocean Beret

In return, and I will be sending this to all my past test knitters too, I will give you 2 gift coupon codes to use for purchasing future Knitting Pretty patterns on Ravelry, if you don’t use Ravelry I will provide the same for Etsy (although that shop is currently “underconstruction).  I appreciate that I don’t have any pattern for sale on Ravelry at the moment, but there is a whole queue about to come out of the pipe, so to speak!

If you’d like to test either of the patterns above, please leave a comment and I will email you more details.