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I’ve been quiet the last week or so, I’ve been manically busy, but I thought I’d share a few pictures with you to show you where I’ve been.  The quality isn’t great as my balckberry doesn’t like to co-operate when taking photos, but hopefully they won’t look too bad here.


My friend Pen is a shepherd, and I go and “help” (probably get in the way and annoy the hell out of him) when he’s lambing.  I love it, for me it is a holiday – if you can call 13 hours of manual labour a holiday.  It’s such a rewarding use of time, and the lambykins are super duper cute!

Number 49 at 48 hours old

Last year we were working on the farm Pen used to work on, there were 1,500 ewes there and they lambed in 10 days, that was stressful.  This year we were at his new job where there were (only) 370 ewes to lamb so the whole atmosphere was a lot more relaxed.

Very tolerant mummy sheep

I’m guessing that lambing is not for the squeemish, and definitely not for the sentimental.  You are ultimately dealing with the cusp of life and death, and the reality that unfortunately not every one of those ewes and lambs is going to survive, but you try your damndest to make it so, though the sheep give you a run for your money, I’ve never met an animal that gives up so easily!

Albert and Anthony the Premature Lambs

That said, the picture above shows two lambs that were born two weeks premature and they are fighters.  They are still smaller that the lambs that are being born after their full term, but they are feisty.  Anthony Lamb also comes when you call his name which is just SO cute!

Anthony Lamb

Others need a little help, such as this little fella who was the smallest out of a set of triplets:

Coats for Lambs!

Anyway, that’s enough of my coo-ing over lamb pictures, I’m going back to the farm in a few months time for the lambs 4 month old worming and check over, I can’t wait! They’re going to be proper huge by then too!

In the mean time I’m going to try and recover from my extreme tiredness and try to unfrazzle my brain so that we don’t get any more “eweing lambs”. Damn tiredness leading to confusion.