Those of you who have had the joy (?!) of reading my other posts will know I started these Wild Horse Mitts by Cynthia Wasner. And, I love them, so I thought I would share with you my inspiration for my colour choices, and a little update on my progress.

When I decided to make them and started the project page on Ravelry I decided the project needed a picture whilst I decided what yarns I was going to use and waited to cast on.  I found this picture and decided that I wanted my gloves to have rainbow horses on them:

So I rummaged about in my (grossly over stocked) stash and found a ball of my Mini Mochi in Flame Rainbow and decided that it simply HAD to be the yarn I used for my horses.  Some more rootling around found me some other suitably coloured 4 ply to go with the Mini Mochi.  Looking at the gloves now, I love the 4 colours I have used, but I could easily just used 2 or 3 instead – idea stored away for another time no doubt!

Anyway, I’ve spent the last to evenings working on them, and I’m impressed with progress, once you get in the swing of it these knit up SUPER quick!

WordPress is playing up for me tonight so I’ll come back tomorrow and align the pictures and add some captions, I just wanted to show them off really!!!

Happy Tuesday Happy Knitters and Crocheters 🙂