I don’t normally do this, so please don’t think I’m going to start barraging you with charity stuff, this is a one off I promise.  It’s just a story that touched my heart, and by sharing it with you, I am hoping to maybe make something of a contribution, so bare with me please!

I watched the Jungle Gremlins of Java last night (the link is to BBC iPlayer so I don’t know how accessible that is to people outside the UK) and was absolutely enthralled.  I love my nature documentaries, but this was captivating.

It’s all about the Slow Loris, which is ridiculously cute and listed as “endangered” on the  IUCN Red List, but is also the only primate that is venomous – fascinating little critters.  Anyway, I was all ok with watching the program until it came to the part where they showed how when they are captured from the wild for the illegal pet trade they have the tops of their front teeth cut off.  I hate going to the dentist and having my teeth played with, and I can’t imagine how much this must hurt them.

They are incredible animals, and the International Animal Rescue website has lots of interesting stuff about them if you’re interested.

The thing I wanted to share with you is the picture link below, which is for a petition to remove videos from YouTube of these animals being kept as pets so that there is a chance to curb the illegal pet trade.  It’ll take you 2 minutes to fill out, I promise.

Thank you for at least considering!