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The bug for knitting little people clothes has truly bitten, but the problem is, it’s really hard to find nice knits for little boys.  Has anyone else noticed this?

For girls, there are literally hundreds and thousands of gorgous little frilly, lacy, pretty items you could make, but finding a proper little boy jumper or cardigan is a bit of a minefield.

I have found a few though, and my queue continues to be added to with cutesy little baby items, anyone would think I had children myself, but no, they are for my neighbours little boy.  Anyway, I thought I would give you a sneak peak of some of the lovely little things I have found on my self assigned mission:

Pembroke Vest

Picture by throughtheloops

This gorgeous little sleeveless jumper was designed by Kirsten Kapur and was published in Petite Purls, Issue 1 Summer 2009. It is available for free download from Ravelry here.

The Oslo Anorak

CUTE!!!! I love this little design so much!  The Oslo Anorak was designed by Anna & Heidi Pickles and is available for free download from Ravelry.

Picture by Anna & Heidi Pickles

Blue Rabbit Hat

This fun design by Mel Clark is just adorable! You canfind the pattern here.

Picture from pattern page


This is a proper little boys cardigan, it’s wonderful, and is definitely one that I am going to make for Freddy.

The pattern is by Sarah Grieve (who designs gorgeous adult sized items too!) and further details can be found here.

Picture by Cheryl McLennan