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So I’m going to show you this week’s WIPs!!

Little Stripey Baby Jumper

I’m very proud of myself because I have now completed 3 of the 5 parts to this little jumper.  Tonight I completed a sleeve, so just one more sleeve and the collar to go 🙂

3 Out of 5 Parts Finished!

Panda Hat for Pattern

I’ve finally got round to finishing off writing the pattern for the Panda hat.  I’ve made a lot of alterations on the original, mainly because the original was part normal knit, part double knit, which would just be too confusing to explain.  This is how far I’ve got with my sample:

Panda Hat Progress

Once this is finished I can open the pattern up to test knitters!

And finally:

Wavy Scarf

I decided not to use the drop stitch pattern for the whole scarf, so have just done 2 and a half pattern repeats for the end and am now going to do stocking stitch with a 2 stitch garter stitch bored to the other end before finishing with another 2 and half repeats of drop stitch patterning.  Wow, I got the word “stitch” in to that sentence A LOT!!

Scarf Progress

Happy Wednesday!