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I received this gorgeous yarn as part of a swap gift, and I just had to use it to make something!  So while I am in the process of designing and knitting up a shawl that I am going to share with you all soon, let me first tell you all about this yarn!


This yarn is from a group of designers dedicated to the artisan dyeing of yarn located in Santiago, Chile. Traditional kettle-dyed and handpainted sock yarn.

Ranco Multy

Material: 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon Fiber

Weight: Fingering Weight

Actual Weight: 3.50 oz / about 95 grams

Yardage: 376 yd / 343.8 m

Needle Size: US 1-3 (2.25-3.25 mm)

Well, that’s the important information out of the way, now you get the not so important bit of what I think of it so far!!

This is the colourway that I’m using at the moment:

Pinks and Plums

Aren’t the colours gorgeous!  It took HOURS to roll this skein in to a ball, primarily because half way through I got bored of sitting looking at the back of a chair rolling it the sensible way and decided I could do it sitting watching TV with the skein looped over my knee. ERROR! NEVER, ever do this! It is a silly, silly idea and the yarn will magically jump in to a muddled mess resembling a birds nest.  Now you know, I have just saved you about 4 hours of yarn untangling.  (Seriously, I think it actually too me that long to untangle!!)

I am enjoying using this yarn, I love how the different colours blend together as you work with them.  Although it says to use 2.25-3.25 mm needles I’m using 4.5mm and it’s working really well.  It is turning into an unusual fabric as I work though, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about it, but I think it knits up quite “stiff”. I am about half way through making this shawl, so I shall re-assess when I’ve finished and again after blocking. Other than that I’m really enjoying using it!

So I would say that Araucania Ranco is probably a 3 and a half star yarn.

What you could use it for

The obvious idea is socks, but I think you could be a bit more adventurous with this yarn than that, so I’ve been raiding the Ravelry free patterns again, and come up with these suggetsions for you:

1 skein will be enough to make these pretty Della Mitts by Holly Terrell, in fact you’d prbably have enough to make 2 pairs of these!

picture by Holly Terrell

With 2 and a little bit skeins you could make Lace Ribbons Scarf by Veronik Avery

picture by Veronik

I had to include this because it’s stunning!  Another 2 and a bit skein project could be this beautiful stole called Summit by Mandie Harrington:

picture by KnitWit

2 and a half skeins will create you this cute Kaleidoscope cardigan by Sarah Sutherland:

picture by SSutherland

And to finish, another 1 skein (with lots spare) project, I really like this Purl Beret by Purl Soho, so much in fact I’ve added it to my queue!

picture by Purl Soho

Happy Knitting!!