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I can’t believe it’s Monday again! And I can’t believe how many days it’s been since I blogged! But, I’ve been super duper busy, so that is my excuse!

I have finished my Raspberry Patch Shawl(ette).  I didn’t have another skein for making it bigger, so I made a few alterations and it came to exactly 1 skein of yarn.  It fits beautifully in to the neck of a jumper or coat too, so that was lucky!

Here it is (in all it’s prettyness, or so I think anyway!):

Raspberry Patch

Projects to be finished

  • Raspberry Patch Shawl – I’m going to run out of yarn before I can finish it, but I at least ought to finish as far as I can
  • GBWS surprise gift for my swapping partner – it’s so nearly there just the last bit to do!
  • TOK swap gift
  • Fairy Cowls – on big needles they’ll knit up super duper quickly
  • Fairy Dust Jumper – I’ve paused this part way through, it may be hibernated while I finish my other WIPS
  • Hexipuffs – my 366 in 2012 project is not going well, I have made 3 and it is the 23rd today, so I am now 20 behind =(
  • Weather Scarf – my weather diary is up to date, just need to catch up on my knitting
  • Swan Scarf – for my Grandma for Christmas (2011) – really need to finish this!!!
  • Sheep Scarf – for my Grandpa for Christmas (2011) – really need to finish this too!!!
  • Snowflake Slippers – for my best friend for Christmas (2011) – definitely need to finish this as well!!
  • Owl Study Gloves – I bought some Rowan Felted Tweed Chunky in Seaweed today that I’m going to make in to some Owl Study Gloves for my Mum as she keeps getting really cold whilst working in our study at home.  The pattern for this is pretty straight forward and they shouldn’t take any time to make at all.

Projects to start

  • Girl Friday – a KAL piece I should have cast on yesterday, but I currently don’t have any cables spare for any more projects so this is a bit delayed!  The yarn is waiting and ready to go though.

Projects which can hibernate

  • Regia Gloves – one of my 12 for Myself in 2012 projects, no rush for them so they can have a week in my WIP bag
  • Tweed Shawl – no hurry for this one so it can stay in my WIP bag
  • Woven Scarf – another 12 for Myself in 2012 project that can stay in my WIP bag

So that’s an update for this week, I need to crack on!!