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At the Great Big Wool Swap we’re doing a Friendship Blanket swap.  For this you make 6 inch by 6 inch sqaures to swap with other people also making a Friendship blanket.

So, I’ve done some experimenting and found out that to make 6 inch squae using double knit/8 ply weight yarn on 5mm (US size 8) needles requires 30 stitches to be cast on and 30 rows to be knitted.  On 4mm (US size 6) needles you need to cast on 40 stitches and knit 40 rows.  Below are some ideas that you could use or take inspiration from.

5mm (US Size 8) Needles

I have been playing with a few ideas this morning and have come up with these pattern ideas for knitting the squares on 5mm needles:

5mm Friendship Blanket Ideas

4mm (US Size 6) Needles

For the smaller needles you can easily scale up most of the patterns in the above link, but I have also designed a few simple patterns working on a 40 stitch by 40 row square as well:

4mm Friendship Blanket Ideas

Other Pattern Ideas

– Moss and Seed Stitch

– Cables

– Ribbing

– Checker Boards

The list is endless on what you can use to create lots of different patterns and textures for your squares.  Why not come and take part in our Friendship Blanket swap, or start your own, and get creative!