I bought this Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi the other day and I just had to use it for something straight away:

Strawberry Limes

I will tell you more about the yarn next week because it’s going to be my “This Week I’m Using” yarn, but I really wanted to show off what I am using it for now.

One of my 12 New Things in 2012 was to learn to do lace knitting, and having started my Fairy Dust Jumper, I really have a taste for it!  I’ve been desperate to make a shawl, and I’ve done a lot of Ravelry searching and settled upon this design, called Garden Pond by Patricia Clift Martin. It’s pretty, it’s lacy and it’s a free pattern!  Winner winner.

So, this is my progress so far after one evenings work:

Rows 1 to 30

It’s going to be super duper pretty.  The colours are a lot brighter than my bad pictures shows, and now what I’d normally pick, but I thought – “Hell, the wool is gorgeously soft and the colours are fun, why not?!”

The pattern is brilliant too.  It has written instructions (I don’t seem to get on particularly well with charts), it is an easy to remember pattern and it’s magic because it grows from the middle out!

You can find my Ravelry project page for this item here.