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I had a really crap day at work today.  I just couldn’t be bothered, and it dragged, so I was pretty relieved when half past 5 arrived.  When I got home I had a lovely surprise – I had a package!

My package contained treats! And all sorts of treats!  It was my Great Big Wool Swap surprise package from knitterofhats, and it is lovely!  So I thought I’d share a few pictures here.

My Lovely Swap Package

I got a fantastic slouchy hat (the green hat) with wonderful buttons on it – I really love the buttons!  An ear warmer (because you can never have too many ear warmers!!) both made from 100% wool and lovingly hand knitted.  Some happy new year napkins, some snuggly slippers, some chocolate and wonderful teas, a tin of mints and this:

An Owl

Now, this isn’t just any owl, this is a lip balm disguised as an owl! How amazing is that?!

I love my swap package, so thank you SO much knitterofhats!!  Yours is ready to be posted and will be whisking it’s way across the Atlantic to you soon!!!