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Today I may have broken my self inflicted yarn buying ban a little bit… BUT it’s ok, because I went to Cafe Knit in Lavenham and they’re really lovely there, thus it is ok to buy more yarn!!  Actually, it is Cafe Knit’s fault I bought this yarn and pattern book, the yarn was on the shelf behind the till, and it was sparkly so I asked to have a look.  Then the pattern book appeared as if by magic, and having spent a good 20 minutes discussing the patterns with another customer who had come in I ended up purchasing 2 lots of yarn in one day. Oops.  But it’s pretty.  And it sparkles.  Anyway, enough of my justification, here it is:

The Beginning

The pattern is called Lucrezia and is by Louise Harding in the Simonetta design booklet for her Simonetta yarn.  Every single piece in there is really pretty so I may have to make them all!  Anyway, I have made progress on what I am calling my Fairy Dust Sweater.

2 hours in and 3 cast ons later (the first time I cast on in the wrong colour because I was excited and didn’t read the pattern properly, the 2nd time I was 8 rows in and slipped all the YO stitches off the needle without thinking as I was knitting and ended up with half the number of stitches I was meant to have – I have no idea why I did this as I had already  2 rows with YO stitches and knitted them in as I should) it looked like this:

2 Hours

Then I got on a role! I was away! So after 3 hours I had achieved this:

3 Hours In

And then another hour later:

4 hours in

I’m super duper impressed with myself!! And it’s going to be all sparkly and pretty. YAY!!!


You can see more project details here: Fairy Dust Jumper