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I have far too many WIPs going on at the moment, and I need to get them finished and clear my needles!

So, to motivate myself to do so I am going to publish the list here and then I will feel obliged to clear it!!

1. Swap Present 1 (you can have more details after my swap partner has received it)

2. Parisian Twist Headband

3. Owlpuff I started about 3 weeks ago (I know it only has 30 rows!!!!!)

4. Grandpa’s Christmas Scarf

5. Grandma’s Christmas Scarf

6. My best friends Christmas slippers (and yes, these three are all for Christmas 2011)

7. 3 hexipuffs to catch up with my 366 in 2012 project

8. The headband I’m designing

9. My panda hat pattern.

Jeeeeeeees! I’ve got a lot of work to do!!!