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Another poor owl related joke, but it makes me smile – (pronounce the “owl” in the title’s so it sounds a bit like I’ll, clever huh? no not at all really **hangs head in shame**)

But anyway, look what I managed to turn this into:

Before - yarn and a retractable tape measure

From yarn and a retractable tape measure into this:


Seriously – how cute is he??? And he’s practical, you can’t beat cute AND practical.

I shall call him George.

Everybody, meet George.

George, meet everybody.

**George waves his little wings excitedly at everybody**

Tonight I also finished another owl puff, meaning I can strike something of my WIP list! HURRAY!


This is Wilf.  Wilf is a very special Owl Puff because tomorrow he is going to travel all the way across the UK to Gloucestershire to live with my best friend.  She has been miserable these last couple of days so he is going to cheer her up.  Wilf is incredibly excited about travelling first class – I haven’t had the heart to tell him it’s first class in a jiffy bag not on a plane.