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Having frogged my initial attempt at a weather scarf, I have just complete day 5’s rows, and I’m really pleased with version 2!!!

Days 1 to 5

Close up of days 1 to 5

I’m finding that as I knit this weather scarf it’s a bit like learning a new language, and like a language there are the basics – colour and stitch – and then as you become more fluent you learn the complexities and unusual aspects of it – combinations of colours and stitches.  In my scarf the cream coloured rows represent a break between days, 2 rows will be used to show the end of a week and 4 rows between months.

Here is what I mean:

(please bear in mind that this scarf is knitted bottom up, so the first row at the bottom is the morning on 1st January and the last row before the needle is night time on 5th January)

The pale blue means that it is clear, and the grey means that it it cloudy, in this top row (just below the needle) you can see 4 blue stitches and 1 grey stitch, this means it was clear with a little bit of cloud



The turquoise wool means rain, and here with the grey stitch it means that it was overcast and rainy



Here you can see 2 turquoise stitches purled and a grey stitch between them, this means that it was raining heavily (turquoise is rain, and the more stitches together the harder the rain)



The camel colour means that it was sunny (HURRAY!) and with the blue yarn this section means it was a clear, sunny day



This solid row of turquoise is K1P1 meaning that is was constant rain, as you can see it was cloudy before it rained, and clear afterwards.

I’m really enjoying doing this project, especially now I am happy with the colour and yarn I am using.

How is everyone else getting on?