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Can I get a massive HORRAY!!!

Because….. I have finally decided how and with what I am going to knit my weather scarf!!

***And the round erupts into whoops and applause***

It is only the 4th January, and I’ve only been thinking about the project for about a month now, but on my drive home from work this evening I cracked it.  I decided what I was going to do!

I am not 100% happy with the colours but the pattern is now doing what I want it to do and I am reluctant to rip it all up and start again, it’s just too much!

I found this really helpful link which I used to decide what weather I was going to show – 168 Types of Weather.  For a fleeting moment I considered showing every single one of them in a different stitch or colour and then I realised that would be an extremely foolish idea and settled for the following:


Sunny/Clear – Pink Twist

Cloudy – Blue Twist

Night Time – Purple Twist

Snow – White


Dry – Stocking Stitch

Drizzle – Row 1 K1P1, Row 2 K all – repeat patterns for all rows

Rain/snow – Moss Stitch

REALLY heavy rain – 1k1p rib

Frost/Frozen/REALLY REALLY COLD – 2k2p rib

Mist/Fog – Garter Stitch

I should imagine I will be adding to this list as other weather systems crop up.  I am using a black sparkly wool between days – primarily to help hold my squares in shape.

So, here is a picture of day 1 (1st January 2012) which I have just completed:

1st January 2012

So, the colours on this section mean (and yes, it is back to front but I am going to start from the morning):

Pink Stocking Stitch – Sunny, clear morning

Blue Stocking Stitch – Cloudy but dry (mid morning to mid afternoonish)

Blue Moss Stitch – Cloudy and raining

Purple Stocking Stitch – Dry, clear night.

On cloudy nights I am going to stripe the purple and blue

So, that is the first day done, I have 3 more in my weather diary and 362 left in the year – this is going to be a HUGE scarf, it may become an afghan…..