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I’ve been browsing the charitable groups on Ravelry recently, I feel that I would like to give some pieces that will help other people.  Reading some of the stories made me realise that I am incredibly lucky to be able to afford my hobby, so why not give something back.

Having searched through, I thought I’d share some of the groups with you here. All the group banners are links, so just click on them to have a look.

Sharing Our Gifts

A range of projects running continuously, as I write they are asking for baby clothing/toys/”accessories” (it is totally the wrong word, but I’m thinking wash clothes, blankets etc) for new borns in Appalachia and knitting cardigans and jumpers for school children in Connecticut who simply can’t afford to buy them

Project Warm Hearts

Knit or crochet 12″ blanket square to be made up in to blankets for various causes.

Charity Knittting

A place to find and submit a variety of charity knitting and crochet projects


Knit A Square

Knit or crochet an 8″ square to be sewn to others in order to make blankets for orphaned children in Africa

Wool Aid

Hats, socks, mittens, jumpers and vests for children in need

Mother Bear Project

Knit or crochet a gift in the form of a bear to be given to children affected by HIV/AIDS in emerging nations.  The blurb on the group page is a lot better written than how I have written it here and this a project I am going to take part in myself.

Hearts and Heads

Knitting hats for chemotherapy patients.

Comfort Doll Knitters and Crocheters 

Knitting comforters and dolls for children in third world countries.

Hearts for Warmth

Knit warming items for a variety of charity projects

As you can see there is a wide variety of charitable knitting groups on ravelry, and this little list barely scratches the surface!  I hope however you find something that inspires you. 🙂