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Ok, go on then, if we must!!

Now, I don’t profess to be an expert on the topic – far from it.  I only picked up my needles again in November having had a long while off from knitting.

BUT I am currently having a massive love affair with Rowan Felted Tweed yarn.  If you’ve chanced across my blog and you don’t knit/crochet/work with yarn, you’re going to think I’m a complete nut case, but pick up some needles and have a go and you’ll soon understand!

I picked it up by chance to make some slippers (still a work in progress!) for my best friend for Christmas (yes I’m very aware that Christmas has passed, but I won’t get to see her for a little while yet so I still have time!!!) and bought a few other colours at the same time.  I’ve made a few bits from the felted tweed so far, with a couple of others on needles, and I just love the fabric it knits up in to.

The hat I made my brother from Christmas was all stocking stitch and holds it’s shape so well, and he thinks it’s brilliant so that is fantastic!

I have used it to make myself  a headband, and although I must confess it is a little on the itchy side at the moment I just know it’s going to wear into a wonderfully soft and comfy piece.  Currently I’m making another headband out of a beautiful purple which is being knitted double in K1P1 rid, and it feels amazing – it’s going to be so snuggly warm!!

Plaited Headband

Rectangly Hat

The other wool I am also really enjoying using is Adriafil’s Lana Naturale Inca, it is an Alpaca-Merino mix.  It is lovely to work with, the natural colours are beautiful and it knits up in to a fabric which is soft to the touch but also feels sturdy, so you know it’s going to wear well.  I used it to make the hot water bottle cover I gave my Mum for Christmas.

Hot Water Bottle Cover

The other wool I wanted to mention quickly is the Artesano 100% Alpaca I’ve been playing with.  It feels amazing in the ball and amazing knitted up, but by goodness is it a nightmare to work with!  Well, I’m finding it so.  It’s so soft it slips really easily and trying to keep any form of regular tension is proving a bit of a challenge, I ripped one piece up and it knitted up well after that, so maybe I need to crunch it a bit before I work with it.  The colours are amazing though, they’re really deep with slight flecks of different shades in them, and look lovely once you manage to get them towards being a piece!!

Woven Scarf

I have ripped this piece back to just the pink, and the picture really doesn’t do justice to what the colour actually looks like, but I’ll post a picture once I’ve finished the scarf, though I fear that may be a little while off yet!!