Finally, I have made a hexipuff that looks like a hexipuff!! Horray!! Previous attempts have resembled a square with a triangle on top, but this one, this one looks like a hexipuff!!

I’m so pleased with it!

I’ve spent today “working” – trying to catch up on work I should have done when I was off sick – and making little knitted things.  I made this leaf:

Which is going to be added on to a rose corsage I’m making.  The rose is taking slightly longer than expected, but I’m pretty pleased with how the leaf turned out.

Also, I’m in the process of making up a new design I’ve been working on, I’ve still not finished the panda hat pattern but this new design is pretty cool.  I’m just hoping my idea will knit up how I have imagined it.

Anyway, got to dash, Happy Knitting!