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Today has been seriously productive.  Not only have I managed to do some serious catching up on my blog, BUT, I have also finished my plaited headband.  I’m super excited about this piece, I think it’s about to become one of my most used accessories.

The pattern is Endless Braid Winter Ear Warmer and is by one of my favourite knit designers, Elisa McLaughlin.  The Parisian Twist headband that I am currently working on (almost half way through) is also designed by her.

Wimbledon Bear has been busy modelling for me again, so I thought I would share some pictures with you.

Wimbledon Bear modelling my new Plaited Headband

And just for good measure here are a couple of my progress shots:

How it began, one strip nearly finished and 2 more started

3 strips finished, it took a lot of motivation to do the 4th!

Finished the 4th! YAY! and the head band braided up ready to be joined in the round

Joined in the round and folded flat complete with that satisfied feeling you get when you finish a piece

I’m really please with how the headband ended up, but I got a little bit bored knitting the strips for it, they seemed to take  FOREVER.  I used 8 ply, and the pattern said to use worsted weight, so maybe if I make it again I’ll use worsted and the strips won’t take so long to make!

Wimbledon Bear did a few other shots for me while he was hanging around – he quite liked the look of the Panda Hat so pulled a few poses with it:

It is more of a mask on him that a hat though!!