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I’m a little bit sad that Christmas is over, but at least it removes that pre-Christmas stress attached to knitting.  I managed to finish 3 of 5 presents, and my grandparents seemed OK to have received WIP presents!

The finished presents!

I blocked the scarf I was making for my Dad, and I think that may well have saved my life!  The darn thing kept rolling up length ways and I was getting really frustrated, so Christmas Eve Afternoon I attempted blocking for the first time ever with a scarf that I wanted to give as a present the next morning!  It was a nerve wracking 12 hours, but it worked out beautifully and I was more than a little bit relieved!

My brother appears to absolutely love his hat, which is wonderful!  It didn’t leave his head from the minute he opened it which was a massive compliment.

And the hot water bottle cover for my Mummy went down a storm.  So I had 3 very happy family members!