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Scarves and I are about to have a bit of a fall out.

When I say a bit of a fall out, I actually mean a MASSIVE fall out of the “I am actually about to throw you out of the window you’re annoying me that much” type of fall out. Strangely, it is normally a frustration I save for technical failings of my computer. But I digress.

I have accepted that I am not going to be able to complete all 3 of my scarfs by Christmas. The reality of starting scarves on the 5th, 6th and 7th December and completing them by the 24th December (so they can be wrapped), working full time and eating/sleeping/washing etc was that I was never going to get them finished. But seriously, how slow does progress have to be?? And why do scarves have to be SO long?!?!?!?!

I’ve managed 17 1/2 inches of my “Sensible Scarf“, I am pleased about this because I knitted over a foot of that last night. I should be able to get that one completed if I concentrate and use my time productively.

My Sheep Scarf has reached 9 inches.  I started it on the 6th December, and I guess for a 122 stitch cast on, double knitted, it’s not bad progress, and the sheep is rather cute.  I am making some alterations to the pattern though, the thought of double knitting 590 rows (147 inches) almost made me cry – and I’m not convinced by the scaling on the pattern (the pattern is 14 inches wide, mine is only 12 inches wide, and the lengths are working out completely different).  147 inches is 12 foot long, do I really need to knit a 12 foot scarf?!

The Swan Scarf has stalled.  I haven’t touched it for over a week and the swan currently doesn’t have a head.

All in all, I’ve got myself in a bit of a pickle!!  And because I’m in a pickle, I’ve got frustrated.  I swear I never want to knit another scarf EVER again (with exception to the travelling scarf and weather scarf I’ve got planned, of course), and I mean EVER again!!

And next year, I really will start knitting my Christmas presents before December.

(Though if you check my blog this time next year, I predict the same panic will be happening on the 20th December!!)