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… “No actually, I do.”

Does anyone else have trouble getting hold of decent colours in 4 ply and sock wool?

I am having real trouble finding “proper” colours – I don’t like the ridiculously luminous colours that seem to be on offer.  I have fabulous colours in DK, and I can always find what I am looking for.  But 4 ply, well that is a completely different story.  Finding it has been the first challenge, I have been in 5 wools shops in as many days, and the last one way where I found the best selection – and even then it was limited.  Even my favourite wool shop let me down 😦

I was also after some super tiny DPNs.   I found some 2.5mm’s!  Hurrah!  Which lead me to have the strange conversation I started above.

I found my 4 ply! YAY! and then asked for the smallest set of DPNs they had.

“We have 2.5mm,” said the man in the shop, “but you don’t want those for that.” (gesturing at my 4 ply wool)

“No, I’d like those please.” I replied.

“They’re too small for 4 ply.”

I had to then explain they were for a different project before he would sell them to me!  I was a little too embarrassed to admit that actually, yes, the tiny needles were for the 4 ply because I want to make tiny Owl Puffs (pattern by Jenna Krupar)!!  I am going to call them Owlets, and they are going to be superduper cute!!

Here is the 4 ply I have managed to scavenge, I’d like some more colours, but I think I’m going to have to venture online to find it.

You can see I’ve started “full size” Owl Puffs in the turquoise on 3.75mm DPNs and my Owlet on 2.5mm DPNs in the purple/white/black sock wool.