Another Ravelry project!  And one I thought would be really good for me – this time it is the challenge to learn 12 New Things in 2012.

My knitting repetoire is faily limited, I can knit, purl, rib, cable (poorly) and double knit, but other than that, I haven’t a clue.  Clothing patterns absolutely terrify me, as do soft toy ones.

The 12 things I would like to learn to do are:

1. To crochet

2. How to felt – so I can make Gnome Homes and Fairy Castles by Tiny Owl Knits

3. Lace knitting

4. Make some socks (I’ve never done it before and they look complicated)

5. Make a shawl – this Transition Stash-Buster Shawl by Karen S. Lauger is stored in my queue already.

6. To make something amigurumi – probably this Amigurumi Baby Dragon by Karla Fitch because it is so cute! But I will have to master challenge number 1 to be able to do it.

7. How to block

8. To make an item of clothing, my 12 for Myself list has a few pieces on so I should be able to achieve this!

9. To design an item of clothing

10. Make a cushion cover – I’ve never made one before

11. Make a blanket – my attention span is very short, it would do me good to do a big project

12. And an easy one to finish – to take part in a travelling scarf project – it is a new one to me, and to top it off, I’ve organised it :o/

So these are my 12 new things to do in 2012.  What are yours?