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So, I dragged my mummy along on Saturday when I went to Cafe Knit.

We had a lovely lunch at The Lounge in Long Melford (I thoroughly recommend it, anywhere that serves breaded brie wedges and chips as a meal gets a massive thumbs up in my book!) and a potter around the antique shops before heading to Lavenham.

Disaster nearly struck! You have never seen so many cars (many badly) parked along both sides of the road, for a minute we didn’t think we were going to be able to get in to Lavenaham at all!  Fortunately Mummy knew a back route that could avoid any more parked cars – PHEW.

After we parked we discovered that there was a lovely Christmas market going on with many of the shops having stalls outside them – there were some fantastic smells too.  Anyway, I digress, we eventually got to Cafe Knit – HURRAH! (having ahd to ask for directions because I was a numpty and didn’t look up where it was in  Lavenham first!)  And what a treat we were in for, for a start the shop was beautifully warm!  A welcome rest from the bitter cold outside.

The furnishings of the shop itself are beautiful, especially the shop counter.  The walls are lined with shelving full of wools.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to poke through all of these cubby holes as there were people sat at the tables having coffee/lunch and I would have felt rude trying to squeeze past or behind them.

Nether the less I found some lovely alpaca wool which I am going to turn into a pair of fingerless mittens for myself, some new sets of double point needles, some worsted wool to send to a friend and some lovely wool that has glass beads in it, which I am going to use to decorate my twisted head band that is on my To Do list!