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Here are the details for all of those involved in the Travelling Scarf project on the Great Big Wool Swap.

I will be sending you a private message on Ravelry showing you everyone involved in this round of the Travelling Scarf and their replies to the questionnaire on the group discussion thread.  If you would like to know anything more about the people involved please feel free to message them, equally, if you want to tell anyone who will be receiving your scarf on it’s journey you can send them a message too.

How to start:

1) Cast on as many stitches as you want your scarf to be wide and knit/crochet 4 inches of your scarf.

2) Include a  small journal book (or something similar) detailing the following:

  • Who you are
  • What sort of theme you would like your scarf to follow or if you are happy for people to use their imagination for creating their parts of the scarf
  • Anything else you feel is important (allergies, likes, dislikes)
  • If you do not want crochet in your scarf please put it on this tag
  • It may be worth stating whether or not you would like the scarf cast off by the last person to receive it (I am going to ask them NOT to cast off so that I can add another 4 inches to match my first 4 inches)

3) Put the stitches on a stitch holder or a piece of waste yarn for the journey.

4) Place the start of the scarf in a plastic bag (this is to protect it from any chance of a leak/water damage while it is travelling) AND mark the bag CLEARLY with your name so that people know who’s scarf they have received to add to.

5) Put the bag inside a jiffy bag or large envelope – this must be big enough to hold the finished scarf (and to try and help minimise cost to the others involved)

6) Send to your allocated person.

You will be assigned a person that you send on to, this makes the circle and ensures that each scarf visits everyone in the round.


1) Slide the held needles on to your needles

2) Add 4 inches to the scarf (checking if they have a theme/special requests first!)

3) Fill in the journal book (or alternative that arrived with the scarf) with details of what you added, the yarn, inspiration etc

4) Put the scarf back in it’s bag and envelope (not forgetting the journal book/alternative!) and send on to your assigned person.

You may include other small gifts etc (I am going to include a card I would love everyone to write a little message in) if you would like to BUT remember that other people have to pay to send the package after they have added their section and are not going to want to have to pay to post heavy packages!

You should receive 10 scarves in the post for this project, 9 to be added to and the final one will be yours! (The one that you sent initially with everyone’s bits added to it).

I hope that this makes sense, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and ask!

But the basics one more time are:

Start your scarf and send it to your assigned person.  Add 4 inches to each scarf you receive and them post them on to your assigned person.  The 10th scarf you should receive should be yours (the one that you started) and the travelling scarf has completed it’s journey.